Sunday, April 4, 2021
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Tag: Coalitions

According to the professor, the Coalition’s traditional dividing line appears to be more serious than before – Politics

According to Vesa Vares, who is familiar with the history of the party, the leadership of the Coalition has traditionally been inclined in a...

Commentary: Kirsi Piha’s retirement reveals the Coalition’s confusion and mayor’s model run-off – Politics

Kirsi Piha's unexpected withdrawal from the Helsinki Mayor's Competition reveals two things: the confusion of the Coalition's situation and the casting flaws of the...

Kirsi Piha resigns from the Coalition’s candidacy for mayor in Helsinki: “I say this with a heavy heart”

Party chairman Petteri Orpo was disappointed with Piha's solution.27.2. 18:50 | Updated 27.2. 20:42Kirsi Piha resigns from the Coalition Party's candidacy...
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