Tuesday, April 6, 2021
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Riddles, doodles and illumination … They will “rack their brains” to unearth a treasure of 50,000 euros hidden in France

That someone "ooooose" touch Juliette's notebook! The "tiny", "the one in faux leather" that she takes "almost everywhere". "This is where I'm going...

Brain researcher tells what is wrong in working life today – mentions two things that affect the well-being of working-age brains – Health

Efficiency has already gone to extremes in many workplaces. When efficiency is taken too far, we start to see loads and mistakes, says...

Does everyday life feel especially sticky right now? Pandemic brains are just the right phenomenon – 3 characters you recognize – Good mood

If your mind is foggy and your sense of time is lost, your kitchen psychological diagnosis may carry the name pandemic brain. Believe it or...
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