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zoom on the Lorient composting system


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France 2

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M. Tissier, M. Niewenglowski, G. Liaboeuf, V. Heurtel

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France 2

France Televisions

In your section An idea for France, direction Lorient, where the city has set up a fairly exemplary and innovative waste sorting system. For 20 years, Lorient has been making compost with the bins of its inhabitants.

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For 20 years, Lorient (Morbihan) has been making compost from the bins of its inhabitants, which are in fact fitted with a green bin that allows organic matter to be separated. This waste is then transformed into quality compost. At the Boixel family, there is no question of throwing away its peelings, when sorting has become a “everyday habit“As Mélanie Boixel tells us. This system for sorting leftover food, such as tea bags, allows it to relieve congestion”distinctly“the household refuse bin. Its biodegradable bag will come back to Mélanie in the form of compost, after an incredible natural transformation in a two hectare biological unit.

There is only 2 to 3% sorting error“, testifies Sébastien Lejal, head of the Lorient Agglomeration waste management and operation department.”8,000 tonnes are deposited there each year, or 39 kg per inhabitant. (…) In three months, we have compost, whereas it would take more than a year for compost made at home“, adds Sébastien Lejal. France Télévisions journalist Valérie Heurtel explains that in the energy transition law, it is indicated that by 2025,”all municipalities will be obliged to set up composting solutions“. The journalist adds in particular that in 10 years, the French have made it possible”reduce organic waste by a third“.

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