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Zanzibar, a heavenly destination far from Covid-19



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For the large format of Friday March 26, the 20 Hours of France 2 takes you to a heavenly place, to Zanzibar (Tanzania), who chose to forget the existence of the virus. No test, no fortnight for tourists: the WHO is worried, unlike the local authorities.

Friday March 26, the large format of the 20 Hours of France 2 takes the direction of Zanzibar, in Tanzania, where the risks associated with the Covid-19 epidemic are ignored by local authorities. For example, three Austrian and Italian friends went there in order to be able to swim with dolphins in the open sea. Cost of the trip for 10 days of vacation: 1,500 euros per person. Tourists from all over the world have also made the trip to visit these marine mammals in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.

Tourists are fleeing Europe in order to forget about the coronavirus. “It is the only destination that is open at the moment. This is one of the reasons we came here“, says a tourist. In the space of a few months, Zanzibar has become the number one destination for travelers who want to avoid health restrictions. Officially, the local authorities assure that there is no Covid-19, even if everyone knows that it is false. “We didn’t need a test to come here“, testifies a Polish tourist. From bars to restaurants, everything is open and functioning normally in Zanzibar, where no vaccination campaign is planned.

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