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Zabou Breitman confides in the amazing love story she’s been living since she was 17

INTERVIEWThe story is so romantic that it could be a movie script. Yet it is very real. Asked on the show It feels good on her most beautiful love story, actress Zabou Breitman, who came to present with her colleague Aure Atika the series A man of honor, currently broadcast on TF1, confided a romance that began the year of his 17 years. And which continues today.

“Our hands are touching and he gives me a little piece of paper”

Zabou Breitman’s love story begins on a station platform. “He arrives, we look at each other, I take a little Micheline to go home, he takes a train that takes him to Austria,” she explains, seeming to paraphrase the song by Michel Fugain and the Big Bazaar. “The two trains cross, I stick my head out of the window. Our hands are touching and he gives me a little piece of paper with his address on it.”

Back home, Zabou Breitman writes to her handsome stranger. But the sky seems to want to play against them. “That day, it rains and I put my name and address on the back of the envelope. The rain has erased everything,” she regrets. “But, I don’t know why, I put my address inside the letter.” So that the young boy answers him and that an epistolary relationship begins.

“We are still called ‘my prince’ and ‘my princess'”

And this gift of Providence was not without a future. 44 years later, she and her station lover still continue to write to each other. “We send each other little words from time to time, always calling each other ‘my prince’, ‘my princess’,” adds Zabou Breitman. But the long relationship between the teens was not just letter-writing.

“We did things with our body that were too cool,” laughs the actress modestly. “Our body was cool, because we were young. And then, it was cool, period. It was great.” If this beautiful story would undoubtedly make a beautiful novel, it is however not the future project of Zabou Breitman. The lover of the station is instead preparing a series on the daughters of the four musketeers.

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