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Yuki Tsunoda collects praise in F1 – Formula 1

AlphaTauri’s Japanese newcomer Yuki Tsunoda assured Bahrain.

Formulapomo Ross Brawn glows AlphaTaur’s arrival pocket as well Yuki Tsunodan excerpts from Japan’s first race weekend at the Bahrain GP.

– I am very impressed with Yuki Tsunoda. I met him for the first time over the weekend and he’s a memorable character, Brawn said of the pit pit Autosportin by.

– Tsunoda is the best newcomer in F1 for years. He’s been pretty amazing in all the series he’s competed in. Looks like an ingenious move that Red Bull raised him to F1, the chief praised Tsunoda, who was protected by Red Bull and Honda.

AlphaTauri, which Tsunoda drives by car, is a Red Bull farm. Honda will equip power sources for both stables.

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Brawn also remembered Tsunoda’s colorful language on the radio. The Japanese cursed “traffic congestion” already in their first rehearsals on Friday.

Tsunoda flashed his speed already in the first section of the time trials, although Saturday ended in the second stage and the 13th box. In the race, he rose to ninth and received two World Championship points. Tsunoda became the first Japanese to score in the F1 World Cup.

Tsunoda overtook Aston Martin in the final round of the race Lance Strollin. Earlier, he had brazenly passed by Fernando Alonsosta, which is one of the most experienced drivers in the depot, although it took a couple of breaks.

Alonso’s acknowledgment was emotional for Tsunoda.

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– My father is a big fan of Fernando. My dad in particular likes his driving style, the Japanese said.

– In the number one bend, I relied on Fernando’s skills and overtaking the singer as a newcomer. I was a little sorry because I came from far behind, but the moment was emotional, Tsunoda laughed.

Tsunoda drove in Formula 2 for only one season. He finished third last year in a series by Mick Schumacher won.

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