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Young truck driver raps his cell phone – 12-year-old boy dies in a devastating chain crash – Finland

The truck driver read news about North Korean women soldiers and chatted with her boyfriend on her cell phone.

In November In 2017, a young truck driver caused a devastating chain crash in Lahdenväylä, where a 12-year-old boy died. Many others were seriously injured.

The accident happened at Hakkila in Vantaa in the evening. The weather was rainy and the road wet but bare. Traffic was congested and almost at a standstill.

The truck driver did not notice the car queue but collided with a passenger car following the queue at an speed of 85 kilometers per hour. The boy, who died in the accident, was sitting in the back seat of the car.

The passenger car was still thrown towards other cars. A technical investigator at the Auto Injury Center later described the collision as “violent” in court.

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The strength of the collision is illustrated by the fact that the speed of one car in the hose, which dropped less than ten kilometers per hour, increased to more than 70 kilometers per hour as a result of the collision. According to the technical researcher, all three cars were of the same mass for a while.

Collision the reason was revealed that a truck driver born in 1997 used his mobile phone constantly while driving. He had received a combination vehicle license less than a year earlier.

Among other things, the woman had spoken to her boyfriend, made notes in her cell phone memo, and searched the Internet for information on the Gigant, Prisma, and Central Clock pages.

He denied using a cell phone at the time of the collision, but the evidence said otherwise. At 17:55:20, he clicked on a news link about a North Korean female soldier, and just over a minute after 17:56:48, he called the emergency center from the collision.

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Eastern Uusimaa the district court heard the case in January 2020.

The father of the deceased boy said he was badly traumatized by the accident. He lost consciousness of the force of the collision and when he woke up, he saw his son muttered in the back seat. According to his father, he has lived what has happened over and over again.

The district court found the truck driver’s negligence to be aggravated. It was not a momentary distraction, but the driver had turned on the Cruise Control and used his mobile phone repeatedly while driving.

Although road congestion had come as a surprise to the driver, the court should have been better prepared for unexpected situations as well.

The district court found the driver guilty of aggravated road safety, aggravated death and four injuries.

The driver was sentenced to 10 months probation and paid a 60-day fine. The driver’s income from the daily fines totaled 360 euros.

Driver appealed against his verdict to the Helsinki Court of Appeal, arguing that the accident was due to the fact that the car driven above had unexpectedly hooked from the second lane in front of him.

No evidence was found for the claim. On the contrary, the driver himself, when calling the emergency center, said that the crash was caused by the traffic stopping and not having time to brake.

The Helsinki Court of Appeal did not change the sentence received by the driver. The Court of Appeal delivered its decision on Friday.

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