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young people more affected by the third wave


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France 2

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A.Jolly, PL.Monnier, F. Nicotra, E.Maizy, N. Salem, D. Chevalier, D. Mascret

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France 2

France Televisions

Hospitalizations of patients with Covid-19 continue to soar. The patients are younger and stay longer in intensive care, highlights France 2, Thursday March 25.

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In Rouen (Seine-Maritime), the youngest Covid-19 patient in the hospital’s intensive care unit is only 47 years old. “We have people who are hospitalized younger and younger, and roughly our average age has probably dropped by ten years or so.“, explains Dr. Christophe Girault, intensive doctor and resuscitator. For caregivers, the person in charge is everything: the English variant.

Last year, the median age of intensive care patients in France was 65, it is now 63. While patients aged 70 to 79 are fewer than in November, those aged 30-49 and 50-69 have increased. Young people may also take longer to realize that their condition is getting worse. “[Ils] stay at home, because they feel like it’s okay anyway, and finally arrive at the hospital when they really can’t take it anymore“, notes Prof. Bruno Mégarbane, head of the intensive care unit at Lariboisière hospital (Paris).

This third wave is different for several reasons. According to Damien Mascret, doctor and journalist for France Télévisions, in duplex from his home, Thursday March 25, first of all because “resuscitations are saturated“, which does not allow”no room for maneuver“. “People who return to intensive care do not go out the next day, they stay on average two weeks, three weeks, sometimes longer“, adds the doctor. Finally, if”thanks to vaccination, there are less than 80 years of age who are hospitalized than before“, and so “less in intensive care“, 40-60 year olds are more numerous in intensive care.”It is believed that there is a rejuvenation that occurs because we see a lot of these patients“, further affirms Damien Mascret, while specifying that the 60-80 year olds are still the most numerous.


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