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young people let their guard down in front of this virus they don’t know much about

On the Old Port, young Marseillais are not all up to date when it comes to HIV, like Lino and Malcolm, both 17 years old. “I didn’t know that you could die of AIDS … The different transmissions ?, wonders the first. By way uh … Mhmm …, his comrade hesitates. I’m not familiar with the terms actually … ”

Friday March 26 begins Sidaction, and according to an Ifop survey conducted on 15-24 year olds and published on Wednesday, three in ten young people feel poorly informed about AIDS and HIV. However, in France, 170,000 people are living with the virus. While advances in medicine, particularly with triple therapy, make it possible to contain the virus, the latter continues to kill and be transmitted.

For Camille, HIV is above all a virus that we don’t talk about much anymore. “When we talk about it, we often talk about it in the past tense, she explains. We hear it in films, reports, like that at school, in any case we fly over a lot on the subject. It’s not really in-depth. “

“Me, I was lucky to be able to talk about it quite freely with my parents and all. But I think that is not the case with everyone.”

It is true that the subject can sometimes be taboo in the family and it is therefore associations that will do the work of teaching on sexually transmitted diseases. Grégory Dodane and prevention officer for the Enipse association in Marseille. “I believe there is a fear of bringing up certain sexual matters”, he indicates.

“It is less talked about lately. There are still ideas, old rumors that appeared in the early years of HIV and which still today are tough.”

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At Family Planning in Marseille, Muriel Mine also notes a relaxation in the prevention of the youngest. But this is explained, according to her. “They have the impression that now it can be cured, she sighs. There are many who say to themselves that now we live very well with it, that we do not die within six months. They no longer have that fear we had at the start of this deadly virus … It does not have the same effect. “

There is an effective protection against these diseases: the condom. But Grégory Dodane notes that the condom is no longer really popular. “You have to think about it, overcome the technical problems that can arise when installing the condom, he emphasizes. There is reluctance in the face of loss of sensation compared to the condom. There are still many young people who consider the condom as a contraceptive method and period. And who forget about HIV, who also forget all the other STIs (isexually transmitted infections) which can circulate, etc. “

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However, for a little over two years now, some condoms have been reimbursed by Social Security, in order to improve their accessibility.

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