Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Young adults dominate the spread of infection | SVT News

Poor compliance with the recommendations and virus mutations that seem to have an increased tendency to spread, these are the probable explanations for the third wave of infection affecting Värmland, according to Ingemar Hallèn.

It is primarily the British mutation that has gained a foothold in the county, but there are also confirmed cases and suspicions of cases of the South African and Brazilian mutations.

Hear Ingemar Hallèn in the clip.

Mutations are believed to have caused increased spread among children

The infection is spread at all ages, but mostly among people of working age and young adults. Compared with last autumn, there are also many more infected children and young people, which has led to distance education in more and more primary schools.

– It is not completely clear, but it gives the impression that it has a connection with the virus mutants, says Ingemar Hallèn.

How is the situation affected if the mutations are more contagious among young people who will not be vaccinated?

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– It remains to be seen. We saw last summer that the season contributed to a general reduction and in combination with the vaccinations, I think it will do so this year.

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