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You didn’t see this on TV: The Fallen Survivors competitor pierced his fellow tribal person’s immunity charm – could have revolutionized the game completely – TV & Movies

The Fallen Survivor competitor got his hands on an amulet found by another competitor.

Another competitor had to leave Survivors Finland in the section presented on Saturday. Vaanit and Aasat took each other in the inviolability race, which was won by Aasat.

The cages were passed to the Tribal Council and the tribes had to vote for one of the competitors.

Vaanan voted unanimously away from the presenter Arttu Harkin. Harkki visited the one presented on Saturday night Survivors in Finland Extra telling their thoughts on the drop.

Presenter Kimmo Vehviläinen marveled at Hark’s decision to opt out of the immunity race. He pointed out that Vaane would probably have had a bigger chance of winning the race if Harkki had been involved.

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– Was it your biggest mistake not to take part in the immunity contest? presenter Alma Hätönen asked Hark.

Harkki described the race as crashed in that the tribe fluttered and everyone was talking on top of each other. He said he made a conscious decision to opt out of the race and let others show his abilities. According to Harki, the flutter was the fate of Vaani in other competitions as well, not only in the integrity competition.

– There are a couple of things where the tribe made insanely bad decisions and it annoys me if someone is stupid, he laughed.

Harkki revealed in Survivors Finland Extra that he had the opportunity to mix the game completely during the race, but he decided to play honestly and fairly.

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The amulet of immunity, which protects the plaintiff in the tribal council, was hidden on the island of both tribes. As seen in previous episodes, Harkki lost the amulet narrowly when Elias Gould grabbed it literally almost in front of his nose.

Host Arttu Harkki was eliminated in the Survivors Finland competition.­

In the Extras, Harkki revealed that he had sneaked an amulet secretly from Elias. According to Hark, the situation was never shown on TV and Elias was completely ignorant.

– There was a small twist that I haven’t told. When the tribes were mixing, I thought it belonged to me and took the amulet, Harkki admitted.

– How? Vehvilänen wondered.

– I knew where Elias kept the amulet. I took the amulet and put a cap on the bag that it feels like the Amulet is in the bag, Harkki said about his cunning trick.

He said his conscience had knocked, so he decided to return Elias’ amulet back to the bag.

– I thought I couldn’t steal. If I had taken the amulet and used it in the game, it would have been a sweet twist! The bar smiled.

– However, I did not do it, because it would have been theft. I should have asked Elias and he probably wouldn’t have given it.

Hätönen pointed out that if Harkki had brought up the stolen immunity amulet in the tribal council, then the other tribe would certainly have voted out as soon as the next opportunity arose.

– But it would have been a funny little click, Harkki laughed.

Harkki and Elias Gould were originally in the same tribe before the tribes were mixed.­

Can another competitor’s amulet be stolen?

Introducing the U.S. Survivors and producing the program Jeff Probst explained in 2019 that taking another competitor’s immunity amulet is prohibited by the rules of the game.

– When someone finds an amulet, it’s his amulet, even if he hides it later. An amulet can never be taken away from a competitor who has found an amulet. If another competitor finds another competitor’s amulet, then he cannot use it. He also can’t destroy another competitor’s amulet, Jeff Probst clarified.

In other words, if Jeff Probst’s rules also apply to the Finnish Survivors, Arttu Harkki could not have used Elias ‘immunity amulet in the race without Elias’ permission.

Survivors Finland on Saturdays at Nelonen from 8 p.m. Ilta-Sanomat and Nelonen belong to the same Sanoma Group.

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