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Yasser Salem: The “white” hexagon in India will not deceive us, and the experience is beneficial to local players – sports

The director of the national football team, Yasser Salem, confirmed that the great result that the national team achieved against India, during the friendly experience, the day before yesterday, which ended with the victory of “Al-Abyad” with six clean goals, is beneficial from a moral and psychological point of view, as well as in terms of developing the coach’s style. It will also give the players confidence in themselves, stressing at the same time that this result will not deceive them, pointing out that although the next for the team is more difficult, the coach wants to reach the desired harmony between the players, by applying his idea in such friendly matches, in The framework of his preparations for the joint qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and the 2023 Asian Cup, which will be scheduled in the UAE from the third to the 15th of next June, with the assembly system.

“The friendly India match is a good opportunity for the coach and the players to achieve many positives,” Salem said in a press statement after the end of the match.

In response to a question about whether the result of this match will deceive the national team, he explained: “There is nothing deceptive, because in every match we take the positives and build on them, as well as benefit from the negatives and work to correct them.”

Salem described the Indian team as not what it was in the past, pointing out that all teams are developing, and they must be dealt with with all strength and seriousness.

He said, “The moral and tactical aspects of the national team are very excellent,” indicating that the upcoming gathering requires a high morale for the players.

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For his part, the team’s supervisor, Muhammad Obaid Hammad, confirmed that the team will rally again in Dubai on May 15th, and will have another friendly experience on the 24th of the same month, as the team that will face Al-Abyad in this experience has not been officially revealed.

In press statements, he praised what he described as the good performance the players gave during the India match, pointing out the importance of the players preserving this yield and their technical levels, leading to achieving the desired goal of climbing to the World Cup, pointing out that the team will play a friendly match during the next gathering next April. Pointing out that it has not been decided which team the national team will play with, but they have several options in this regard.

Bandar Al Ahbabi: Performance is more important than the result

The player of the national team, Bandar Al-Ahbabi, thanked the players of the national team for what he described as the performance and effort they had made against India, indicating that the performance is more important than the result, considering that it is a positive thing for the team to provide this good performance, pointing out that as players they carry out the tasks requested by them. Dutch coach Marvik is on the field and working on it during exercises.

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Bandar Al-Ahbabi said in a press statement: “Although we have not reached the stage we want 100%, we are working to fully absorb what the coach wants from us as players.” Al-Ahbabi indicated that Marvik is doing a great job with the national team, and that this work will appear on the field without the need for him to talk about the coach.

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