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Yagudin named Semenenko a hero of the World Cup after his free program

2002 Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin appreciated the performance of the Russian figure skater Yevgeny Semenenko in the free skate at the World Championships in Stockholm.

“I didn’t sleep all night yesterday, every half hour I woke up from stress. I can’t think of any false stories today. Zhenya entered his first world championship. There was the final of the Russian Cup, there were many questions about who to send. But the federation made a decision and chose it. But the pressure on him is not only because he was in such a stressful situation for the first time. There is additional excitement due to the fact that the Olympic quotas are being played, and he came out with such composure, ”Yagudin said on the air of Channel One.

He noted that the 17-year-old skated easily from the first training session and carried this condition through both programs.

“Zhenya is one of those people who take a chance when given. We do not know how his career will turn out further, but now we have to carry him on our hands. Yevgeny is the hero of this World Cup, and Mishin is a real strategist, ”Yagudin said.

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Semenenko received 171.59 points from the judges for an arbitrary program and scored 258.45 points on the sum of two rentals.

Earlier, Evgeni Plushenko said that he was proud of Alexandra Trusova after the bronze medal at the World Figure Skating Championships.

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