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Xavier Bertrand’s candidacy irritates LR and the tenors of the right

A little phrase that irritates. If Xavier Bertrand announced that he would once again be a presidential candidate in an interview he gave to the weekly Point, Wednesday, the president of the regional council of Hauts-de-France also specified that he does not intend to participate in a possible primary of his political family. A statement that caused a reaction among The Republicans and the tenors of the right. There is simply no question for them to throw themselves into the arms of Xavier Bertrand.

“He risks triggering a class action against him”

“Gérard Larcher continue to work on the system for determining future candidates,” recalls a close friend of the President of the Senate. Because the acceleration of the former Minister of Health and Labor does not make the defenders of the primary capitulate. For Bruno Retailleau for example, it will indeed take a vote to nominate a candidate for April 2022. The latter also saw Nicolas Sarkozy on Thursday to discuss his own candidacy.

In general, the tenors and putative candidates called each other to evoke the exit of Xavier Bertrand. “They risk triggering a class action against him to say that he is not playing the game,” analyzes an anti-Bertrand parliamentarian.

“We are managing the crisis”

Beyond the declaration, the timing is also reacting on the right, as France faces a third wave of coronavirus. “It’s almost indecent”, attacks a pro-Laurent Wauquiez. “We are managing the crisis”, declares, acid, for its part the camp of Valérie Pécresse. Meanwhile, at the LR headquarters, “we take note of his candidacy and we will settle it as planned after the regional”, slips a leader.

Only the pro-Bertrand are happy that their champion has managed to catch everyone by surprise. But they remain aware that the game is far from over. “We should not hit him too much, it would be suicidal”, implores an elected woman who has not yet made her choice. “If he takes off in the polls, we will rally behind him,” she says.

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