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Worrying health situation in a high school in Drancy in Seine-Saint-Denis where about twenty parents of students died of Covid-19 in one year

The situation is very worrying at the Eugène Delacroix high school in Drancy (Seine-Saint-Denis). In one year, twenty students have lost a parent to Covid-19, we have observed an upsurge in cases for ten days. Some teachers have even exercised their right of withdrawal and some have written to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron to denounce these dramatic conditions, asking him to completely close the school.

Sunday March 28, in the streets of Drancy, the inhabitants are shocked by the situation, but not surprised. This is the case of Alice and Yvette, back from the market. They live right next to the school and discovered the tragic situation of the establishment by reading the teachers’ letter. From now on, they are no longer serene at the idea of ​​passing in front of the Eugène Delacroix high school, one of the two public high schools in Drancy. “I knew that in Seine-Saint-Denis it was increasing but I didn’t think it was so strong near my home, in the high school”, says Alice, “I live nearby, I see that the young people have their masks on. Not all of them, but the majority wear them. What more needs to be done? I don’t know. We’re afraid, especially us, the elderly. ” And her friend adds: “They don’t know if it came from school or if parents caught it elsewhere. They can’t know …”

Séverine lives in the residence behind the school. “I was not aware of the health situation here”, she says. She admits that after a year of the Covid-19 crisis, it is not always easy for students to comply with all the restrictions: “My daughter is in middle school and she told me that some students and supervisors are not wearing the mask properly. So I think in high school too, it doesn’t have to be done well all the time, not all day. “

Two thousand students and 300 staff members meet at the Lycée Eugène Delacroix. Among them: Medhi, in terminal, who confirms this negligence: “The classes are not distributed as they should, that is to say that we are 26 in a class of 30 places “, he says, “For the exams, we are stuck …”

“I’m afraid my parents will get sick. If we decide to close high school or even just classes I don’t mind. But for the moment we are not doing anything. We wait and hope not to catch it.”

Medhi, student at the Eugène Delacroix high school in Drancy


So, close or not the school? The decision divides because some students do not want to relive the lessons at home. For the moment, the schedules are upset: some hours are already in distancing, others not and professors have canceled their lessons. On Monday, Medhi’s high school will therefore be open but he wonders: “The question is, ‘Am I going to go, for my parents?’ I think not.” 22 classes will nevertheless be closed and a massive testing campaign will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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