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Women reveal their unforgettable sex lips – one couldn’t laugh at a doctor’s comment – Sex & Relationship

In the IS sex survey, women said what situations they had during sex they would not forget. Fortunately, many are already able to laugh.

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So-called sex mugs are so common that in a recent survey by they said they had experienced them every other defendant.

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While various blunders and surprising situations in the middle of sex can be embarrassing at that very moment, it’s worth remembering that the same thing happens to others – and in retrospect, many coincidences can be laughed at.

Cabbage worm sexual therapist Annukka Lavikainen gave tips, how even troublesome situations can be turned into funny memories:

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    Calm your mind. There is no script for sex, and no two similar sex experiences exist. So don’t create too precise preconceptions about how the moment of love should proceed moment by moment.

  2. Say moka – Humor saves a lot! When the mocha is not tried to cover up, the situation dissipates and it becomes a common fun experience.

  3. Chat after sex with your partner. You can start by saying that that coincidence embarrasses you. Talking makes you feel easier and brings you closer to your partner.

Women don’t forget these sex socks

We asked Ilta-Sanomat in a sex poll which sex suede has really come to mind. This is how the women answered the question:

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“Companion asked me for a handjob for which I used a warming lubricant (great for intercourse), and after a short while my partner fell silent suspiciously. I immediately asked if everything was ok. She said her penis was pretty painfully hot, and that’s how it was. I decided to try to ease the heat with a blowjob, but I managed to accidentally scratch my tooth, which really didn’t help the matter at all. The next step was a cold shower. ” Female, 18

“No. it mocha no, but on consecutive days both foot cramped in the middle of it all. At the same time I got an orgasm, I had a man at the beginning. ” Female, 43

“I enjoyed it too loud sex in an apartment building. The neighbor had reportedly tried to call the police, but after listening for a moment behind the door, he had concluded that the sounds were not due to distress. ” Female, 46

“Are dog toys special today.”

“My aunt suddenly for some reason forgotten the ball gag on the table. “Are dog toys special these days – but don’t you girls even have a dog?” Well, no. Admittedly, the former neighbor had a planer-kind and dog-like naughty eager retriever who, digging enthusiastically, managed to dig a half-meter and wrist-thick double-headed dildo from our wooden boxes. That dog ran in his cheerful teeth around the nearby yards, occasionally stopping to beat so that the dildo heads swayed in a large arc. ” Female, 32

“Younger as I was busy with my boyfriend at the time, his frenulum (i.e., the skin fold below the penis at the base of the buttocks) ruptured in the middle of the act, probably as a result of too dry an atmosphere and a violent going. Ouch. His parents’ pale leather sofa was covered in blood, and the boy was shocked to leave consciousness as well. ” Female, 26

The doctor’s pertinent comment came to mind

“We used to with my ex-husband silicone geisha balls, and the string to get them pulled out broke. The next morning then embarrassed to the emergency room when we couldn’t get them in the yard on our own. The doctor still stated as he dug inside the bullet that “it’s a big devil!” At this point, he was already starting to laugh. ” Female, 31

The 38-year-old woman says that a bad and embarrassing turn in a public place is even ashamed.­

“Over ten years ago, I was drunk drunk with a colleague at a party at the then workplace party. Really bad and embarrassing turnaround sex in the car. We were seen leaving one of the extensions to the parking lot. Someone was still walking past the car. The man was older and busy. It’s even a shame, even though I haven’t seen any colleagues from that job in years. ” Female, 38

I had forgotten that my grandmother and priest would come for morning coffee.

“This happened when we both lived with my partner still with my parents. We were in bedding in a traditional pattern when my partner’s little brother came to the bedroom door and asked if we should come along to ‘wrestle’. Suddenly the door is closed, and an explanation for the little sibling that now he is playing hide and seek – he has to go into hiding, and we will look for a moment. The little sibling no longer remembers the situation, or at least never took it up. ” Female, 25

“In summer In 2005 I was with my boyfriend at the time out in gangs for the night. We were in the morning for two, and I had forgotten that my grandmother and priest would come for morning coffee. The doorbell was broken, and then I heard a rattle from the door while I was getting the apocalypse orkut. ” Female, 37

“I enjoyed it sex behind the bar. There must have been surveillance cameras, and how many saw us anyway. We were so drunk that we didn’t notice. Maybe better that way. ” Female, 25

“I deeply regretted my cat’s attack”

“I was with my male friend in the village. I dragged another man from the restaurant with me with whom I had sex in my friend’s bed. A friend himself got on the couch. And besides, the condom broke down. After the sex partner left in the morning, my friend took me to the health center to pick up a pill of remorse. ” Female, 50

“Cat attacked the man’s passages caught in the middle of playing. In the same rush, the condom was left inside the vagina, and then one inch of it was tongged away, and at the same time I deeply regretted my cat’s attack. When I froze alone, I laughed with laughter in the waters. ” Female, 28

At the time of the intoxication, Tipi-tii began to be heard on the telly.

“Once the foreskin of my sex partner was torn during intercourse, which we were a little frightened by the bleeding, and she went to the emergency room at night. The next day he had a parachute alliance, so enjoying it to the fullest remained a bit secondary. There was no sex for the next couple of weeks. ” Female, 33

“I started to have sex with my boyfriend, and the television had remained open. At the moment of intoxication, the song “Tipi-tii Tipi-Tipi-Tipi-tii, spring is powerless” began to be heard on the telly, and we started laughing so much that things got interrupted. ” Female, 33

“I fell in a chair and a man with me”

“Pull out couch tipped in the middle of it all, and the cat got under it when we first dropped on the floor. Fortunately, the cat was not injured in the situation. ” Female, 44

“We did sex partly against a chair. My legs betrayed me from below in the middle of sex, as a result of which I fell on a chair with me and even dragged my husband to the floor. It doesn’t get up for a moment, and the next couple of days were painful. ” Female, 24

Terrible burn on both and fear whether it will ever end.

“Man kicked me in the knee pimppiin in connection with taking off clothes. ” Female, 27

“Air erupted from the genitals, and it sounded like something else. ” Female, 54

“From a boyfriend fell from the nose in the middle of everything on my face. ” Female, 30

“Nosebleeds on a one-night stand while I was on him. He thought I was vomiting. ” Female, 28

“Luckily I got it out myself”

“I know, when the anus pin bounced all the way inside me. Luckily, I got it out myself, and I didn’t have to leave the vibrating pin on the back for first aid. ” Female, 37

“Sex partner turned off on me in the middle of the act, it’s really stuck in my mind. It took a while to get out of there, and an even longer time to get over the fact that she really went out in the middle of making love. ” Female, 44

“In progress everything dog hung on the kitchen mat. When the man got up to look, he stepped into the dog’s vomiting. It’s about those favorite games. ” Female, 31

Orgasm gel experiment: terrible burning in both and fear that it will ever end. ” Female, 37

“Drunk one one-night thing underestimates my weight and overestimates my own strengths. He tried to lift me from the couch into his arms and immediately dropped him on the coffee table when the forces weren’t enough. ” Female, 33

Ilta-Sanomat found out people’s sex experiences with an online survey. A total of 5,003 people responded to the survey. The survey was conducted on 25-31. January 2021.

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