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with the Covid-19, the catering sector fears a lack of manpower

With the prolonged closings, catering employees have become aware of the difficulty of the profession. Restaurateurs worry about not seeing some of the staff again during the takeover.
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Romuald has been working in the kitchen for 20 years. A “passion job” says this Parisian chef who is also a father. He experienced three months of partial unemployment last spring, then four months since the fall due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Long pauses that made him take a step back. “I discovered my children, explains Romuald. I discovered the joy of being home at night, of taking care of my family, of cooking for them. This crisis allowed me to question the profession. It’s a job that gives us a lot but takes a lot from us, and we ask ourselves: ‘Are we going to continue?’ “

Romuald notably plans to convert to wine. With the prolonged closures, some of the employees are said to be leaving the sector and no longer wish to return. Restaurant owners, already facing recruitment difficulties, fear that this will complicate the recovery. This is one of the arguments put forward to ask for a partial reopening of restaurants at the end of March. A request made in a forum in the Sunday newspaper by forty deputies of all stripes.

Staff who would not return is a real fear for Franck Meunier, owner of a dozen restaurants and bars in eastern France: “We have people who are real hard workers and people who have had a really hard time stopping, who, at the same time very often, have found another job so as not to stop because they have entered forms of depression. The risk is that their new job will please them and that they will not come back to our activities. Activities which are nevertheless difficult. “

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Catering employees who turn to mass distribution or temporary work, explains Jacques Chomentowski, restaurant owner and deputy chairman of Umih 67, a group of hoteliers and restaurateurs from the Bah-Rhin region. The restaurateur fears that this will increase the usual recruitment difficulties in the sector: “I already have colleagues who try to make their people work for take-out. When they ask them to come on weekends, they say that it’s not okay, because they are with family. used to people being home for three or four months, earning a salary and doing nothing. “

“The solution for me is to reopen as quickly as possible.”

Jacques Chomentowski

to franceinfo

An observation shared by the GNI, the other professional federation in the sector. Its president Didier Chenet points to a “risk of withdrawal” of manpower at the reopening. He asks the government for a “special training plan” staff for the recovery.

Catering fears a lack of manpower – Jérôme Jadot

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