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With “Tako Tsubo”, The Empress wants to explode hearts

From the United States to Mexico, L’Impératrice has been exporting letting-go music for three years, somewhere between funk, pop and neo-disco. The French are back on Friday with a second album with an enigmatic title: “Tako Tsubo”. An album in direct contact with their influences and their emotions.
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Let us directly evacuate this paradox that all musicians have been living for more than a year. Yes, it’s very strange to release an album without being able to defend it on stage – especially when your previous tour ended with great fanfare – but, says singer Flore Benguigui: “We can also say to ourselves that it is a period during which people need to hear things“.

This second album, the six musicians of L’Impératrice put it on track when they returned from touring America: in the United States and Mexico, they consolidated their influences. This is what the founder and one of the group’s thinkers, Charles de Boisseguin, is saying today, speaking of “travel memories“.

“Our first loves which are hip-hop, funk or disco could be approached in a less French-speaking way”

Charles de Boisseguin, The Empress

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Another particularity, the background: “The whole album is about very human and very common emotions, deciphers Flore Benguigui. I went to look for very intimate things that I would not have dared to talk about in the past“. And everything is, in fact, summed up in this title, Tako Tsubo, a Japanese expression that describes a heart that deforms until it explodes, subjected to too intense emotions. Exactly the effect of this repeat placed at the end of the disc, So much love lost, song by Michel Berger. “Little stories and big adventures“, formula Charles de Boisseguin

“It’s an album that also speaks of the margin, of being different, of not fitting into a mold”

Flore Benguigui, The Empress

Whether you dance or cry, the two can perfectly be done at the same time, The Empress in any case builds stories that make you want to be together.

The Empress, back in emotions | The chronicle of Yann Bertrand


The Empress, Tako Tsubo (Microqlima). Album disponible.

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