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with nearly 4,800 patients in intensive care, France is close to the peak of the second wave

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09h27 : “As of this week, there will be (…) a unique number, which will function as a fast-track and which will allow anyone over 75 to get an appointment in the coming weeks.”

In order to speed up the vaccination of the elderly, the Head of State announces the establishment of a dedicated number and a“calls to over 75s who have not been vaccinated, or simply who have not thought about it, to offer them appointments.

09h21 : Faced with calls from many caregivers to toughen measures, the Head of State replies that “scientific unanimity has never been there”. However, it does not exclude radical decisions such as “the complete closure of schools”, who “cannot be a taboo” more “must remain a last resort”.

(Christophe Some / AP)

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09h14 : In an interview with JDD, produced Friday evening and published this morning, Emmanuel Macron defends “measures proportionate to the situation” and denies having already decided on a new turn of the screw. “For the days to come, we will be looking at the effectiveness of the braking measures and we will take the necessary ones if necessary”, he said.

09h09 : The 41 doctors who signed the forum say that “this sorting will concern all patients, Covid and non-Covid, in particular for the access of adult patients to critical care. They judge that “the current measures are and will be insufficient” to quickly reverse the contaminations curve.

09h06 : “In this disaster medicine situation where there will be a glaring mismatch between needs and available resources, we will be forced to triage patients in order to save as many lives as possible.”

The emergency medical directors of the Assistance publique-Hôpitaux de Paris express their certainty that their “support capacities” of patients will be overwhelmed in two weeks. Here is their platform in The JDD.

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09h00 : Summer time obliges, it is already 9 o’clock. Here is the first information from this Sunday March 28:

• Faced with the worsening health situation, around forty crisis medical directors say they are preparing to have “sort out patients” within 15 days in Ile-de-France, a situation “never known (…) even during the worst attacks suffered in recent years”.

• In an interview with Sunday Newspaper, Emmanuel Macron affirms that “nothing is decided” as to a possible hardening of braking measures in the coming days. “We will take if necessary those which are essential”, assures the head of state.

• Dozens of associations, unions, parties and companies are calling for demonstrations, today, throughout France, to demand “a real climate law”, on the eve of the National Assembly’s consideration of the Climate Bill. Nearly 200 gatherings are planned.

• After a disappointing draw against Ukraine, the Blues are continuing their qualification campaign for the 2022 World Cup, from 3 pm, in Kazakhstan. This is the first face they will face this opponent, so watch out for the trap match.

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