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will vaccinodromes have enough staff?



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M. Subra-Gomez, C. Rougerie, M. Lassaga, S. Guibout, D. Breysse, R. Laurentin

France 2

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While vaccination must still accelerate in France, will we have enough hands to carry out the injections? Some cities have come to place classified ads in order to recruit doctors or nurses in vaccination centers.

The government wants the vaccination rate to intensify as the days go by. Overwhelmed, some cities are resorting to classified ads to recruit staff capable of vaccinating, the number of patients increasing over the weeks. In a vaccination center in the Oise, 70 patients flock per day, and 15 doctors and 15 nurses take turns six days a week. It is difficult to mobilize more people, so the town has launched an appeal on social networks .

600 doses are currently arriving at the center. “We must put in place a logistics of war, as the President of the Republic says“, estimates Arnaud Dumontier the mayor (LR) of Pont-Sainte-Maxence (Oise). In April, France must receive nearly twice as many doses as in March. 1,277,000 people are currently authorized to vaccinate on the Soon, health students and veterinarians will be empowered to perform injections, ie around 250,000 more people. 38 vaccinodromes managed by firefighters will be operational from this weekend. Ultimately, the vaccination centers of mass will be open seven days a week.

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