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Will there be an immediate fine if you do not comply with the mask obligation in the store? This is how the police respond – Domestic

  • We are prepared to put on work clothes and work shoes, and to get serious about it, the police commented.

Government gave a motion to parliament on Thursday proposing a temporary restriction on freedom of movement and close contacts, as well as a mask ban on the worst corona epidemic areas.

The restrictions would currently apply to Helsinki, Vantaa, Espoo, Kauniainen and Turku. Planned restrictions on movement also include exceptions.

IS asked the police inspector of the Police Board From Konsta Arvelin, how possible restrictions affect the police work image and people ‘s daily lives. Arvelin answered questions on the basis of a proposal from the government. The proposal may still change in the proceedings of Parliament. Parliamentary proceedings began on Friday.

What kind of occupation is the police preparing for the control of movement restrictions and mask coercion?

– The police prepare for it with the same resources that we have in our daily police work. That is, those who still drive gigs and control traffic to this day would take care of controlling movement restrictions. However, day-to-day operations and control of movement restrictions would operate as separate organizations, giving control of movement restrictions to a particular group.

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How many patrols would be tied to the restriction of movement restrictions on a city-by-city basis?

– We are talking about an average of 5-15 police patrols, which are taken to control movement restrictions.

– So we can talk about up to about 60 police patrols in total.

Are you prepared for overtime?

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– Provision is made when the aim is for (control) to be handled with available resources. It is also known that we will not easily get replenishment from the reserve, and we will not be able to recruit new, graduating police officers from the Police University of Applied Sciences with that fiery second.

How would the police monitor citizens? For example, will the police carry out spot checks on a pedestrian walking on the street in jeans?

– This would not be much different as a police task from what is done on a daily basis to prevent and deal with various disorders.

– The key objective of this exercise is to find out whether people comply with mobility restrictions or have any necessary reasons to deviate from them, or whether mobility is recreational and fitness activities.

– In other words, there are no fixed checkpoints, but controls within the area to determine whether there are grounds for people to move. That is, it does not mean that every single person is stopped and asked why they are on the move.

How do the police react to situations where several people gather together in violation of assembly restrictions or someone does not use a mask dictated by coercion in a shop or public transport?

– In that case, the police must immediately have a reason to consider whether this is a violation of the movement restriction.

– We are prepared to put on work clothes and work shoes, and we get to work seriously.

– If clear restrictions are given, then the police will start to find out.

For violating movement restrictions, the police could impose a fine of 40 euros, as proposed by the government. Is it in the interest of the police first to disperse the assembled gang with promptings and orders, or to immediately impose a fine on everyone? Would the police also instruct you in the use of the mask, or would you use a fine pen right away?

– The primary approach is through soft means, ie giving advice, instructions and prompts. And only then will the sanction side be considered. It is easy to think that a police eye with a wedge will stick to it if there is a possibility of fining. But it doesn’t go that way.

– The set of movement restrictions is largely a police task related to people’s attitudes and perceptions. We first embark on traffic in a constructive spirit, and only then consider (remark) the use of more stringent means.

Do people have to carry an ID card?

– There is no obligation in that regard, but there is no harm in that. In connection with their official duties, the police have the right to find out people’s identities. And it makes the task of the police easier if an identity card is included.

– The only such obligation applies to aliens residing in Finland, who are obliged to prove their identity in connection with the supervision of the Aliens Act on the basis of the Aliens Act.

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