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Will Alko be closed if movement restrictions take effect? This is how the councilor commented in HBL – Taloussanomat

According to Board Counselor Ismo Tuominen, it would not make sense to close Alko’s stores for possible mobility restrictions if alcohol was still available from grocery stores.

If restrictions on movement would be introduced, people would probably only be allowed to go to the necessary shops, such as grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations.

And is doing business at Alko a necessary activity? Hufvudstadsbladet asked the Government Counselor of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health From Ismo Tuominen.

– The availability of alcohol products is an issue that needs special attention in the context of movement restrictions. So how do people get alcohol? Most of the alcohol is sold in grocery stores, so sales in both grocery stores and Alko should be stopped. There is no reason to close Alko’s stores alone, Tuominen said.

According to HBL, Tuominen does not yet know what the government has planned for Alko. He said cryptically that at least he himself has not hoarded the products sold at Alko.

Board Counselor Ismo Tuominen.­

Alko’s Communications Manager Varpu Gröö did not comment on the HBL question. According to him, the decision on the fate of Alko is in the hands of the state.

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Government under the leadership of the chancellery, a model of movement restrictions has been prepared for a situation where the disease has slipped out of hand regionally.

At the moment, it seems clear that at least Espoo, Vantaa, Helsinki, Kauniainen and Turku would be subject to possible movement restrictions, if any.

Already in the second week, the Department of Health and Welfare THL saw the coronavirus situation as serious enough that it recommended According to IS data to the Government to restrict the movement of citizens in at least part of Finland in order to curb the epidemic.

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