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Why do we say of a joker that he is a “teaser”?

A party trainer is one who entertains his comrades and who is able to set the mood at any time. But this expression has an origin that we do not suspect: you have to look for the history of this formula in … a stable.

Every day Stéphane Bern goes back in time to find the origins of a French expression that we use every day but which we do not know where it comes from. Tuesday, he attacks the qualifier “to be a teaser”, which describes someone clownish, who boasts and who entertains the gallery. A phrase with an unsuspected history.

“First of all, you have to know that to push means to push. We remember, for example, Jeanne D’arc who wanted to push the English out of France. But then what is the relation with the train? In 1762, the Dictionary of the French Academy explains that the teaser was a particularly cheerful bird that we put with others to make them sing.

Prepare the mare for breeding

But it is with another animal that the explanation of this expression can be found: a teaser is a horse used in stud farms to prepare the mare for covering. Concretely to reproduce a thoroughbred of great value without it being injured by a badly placed kick, the mating is experimented with a teaser.

The latter tests the mare to see if she is ready, if she is in heat and at the fateful moment, the bottleneck is removed to make room for the thoroughbred. To summarize: the teaser sets the mood … and that’s it. In German the teaser is called “cannon for good humor” and in Spanish, we say “to bring joy to the vegetable garden” … A beautiful metaphor all in suggestion. “

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