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why do vaccinated people have to continue to wear a mask?

Opening of a Covid-19 vaccination center at the Begin Hospital in Saint-Mandé (Val-de-Marne). Illustrative photo. (MAXPPP)

A vaccinated person infected with Covid-19, this is the case of an American doctor who testifies in the New York Times. For him, vaccination was synonymous with a return to a normal life, without a mask. But two months after having had his two doses of Pfizer, he woke up one morning with a headache, fever and chills. He could not believe his test: he found himself positive for Covid-19. After a few days in bed and in isolation, he recovered, aware that he could have gone into a much more serious form without this vaccine.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) has just commissioned a special investigative team into what it calls these “revolutionary cases”, in particular to see if they are not affected by a variant of the coronavirus that bypasses vaccine protection. But several studies, notably published in the New England Journal of Medecine, show that it is already possible. Among staff vaccinated at medical and university centers in Texas or California, there are a few cases of people falling ill after their injections. We are talking about four cases for 8,000 or seven for 14,000.

If I am vaccinated, can I still carry the virus and infect others? The answer to this question is not yet clear. Israeli public data seems reassuring on the decline in transmissions with the mass vaccination of the population. If you don’t get sick, you transmit fewer viruses. But a study published in The Lancet carried out on healthcare workers at the Sheba medical center showed that 2% of them had declared a Covid despite the fact that they were vaccinated. Without the vaccine, researchers believe they could have had more serious forms. And that is first and foremost the purpose of these serums: to reduce the severity of the disease.

Today, we see younger people, in their twenties, going into intensive care. So vaccinating younger people will also be very useful. But when it comes to the transmission of the virus to achieve group immunity, we still have to wait for new data.

Should we immunize children? It is a debate among researchers today. Vaccinating children at higher risk seems obvious, but vaccinating them all to reduce the circulation of the virus is not yet decided. Moreover Alain Fischer, pediatrician, immunologist, the French Mr. Vaccine as president of the vaccine guidance council, waits for new data before giving his opinion. Tests are underway in the United States, United Kingdom on very young children to see which dose is the most suitable and whether they tolerate the vaccine well. But vaccine policies are very different from one country to another. In England, children are vaccinated to protect their grandparents from the flu, in France grandparents are asked to be vaccinated.

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