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why are we bloated and how to fix it?

Bloating and gas are among the most common digestive problems. They concern everyone, or almost. “We can consider that half of the population suffers from it chronically”, explains doctor Jean-Jacques Raynaud, gastroenterologist at the Avicenne hospital in Bobigny, guest of Sans rendez-vous, on Europe 1.

Contrary to popular belief, women are just as affected as men, if not more. “It’s pretty funny because when you look at science, it doesn’t say that men are more affected,” says Dr. Jean-Jacques Raynaud. “Me, from experience, I would have a tendency to say that women suffer from it more than men for social reasons. Already, they wear tighter outfits. So as soon as it gets bloated a little, they will be much more embarrassed. than men. They can also have a different diet, with more vegetables and sugar, so it ferments more. “

Why do we have bloating?

But where does this bloating come from that bothers us so much and how to remedy it? Food has a lot to do with it, because it plays an essential role in our digestive health.

First, if we eat too much. “If we eat a lot, we are necessarily bloated since as soon as we eat, we increase the gas content of the intestine by 60%”, explains the doctor. “Afterwards, these gases must circulate and take their place. Often, we are bloated because the gases do not circulate, because the abdominal strap does not hold the gas and because the diaphragm does not relax,” adds- he does.

Another explanation: if we eat too quickly and do not take the time to chew: “when we eat too quickly, we do not chew. However, when we swallow things whole, the stomach has trouble to digest “. But the role of chewing goes further, details Jean-Jacques Raynaud. “There is something called an amylase in the saliva. If you leave bread in your mouth for a long time, it will become sweet, because it is broken down. And if the bread is not broken down when it is. in the mouth, it will degrade in the colon where it will ferment and give off gas, ”explains the specialist.

How to cure it ?

To chew better, the doctor gives some advice: “Eat sitting down, do not eat foods that are too soft, cut quietly, take your time”.

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Finally, there are the foods that we put on our plate, and which, in some cases, will create bloating. “The first thing to do when you have bloating is to take dietary measures,” warns the doctor.

The foods that cause bloating the most are those that ferment. Which are they? “All those which contain sugars: milk, cereals but also ‘light’ products such as candies or” sugar-free “sodas, industrial dishes, but also certain dried vegetables.”

An existing diet, called the FODMAP diet, advocates cutting back on this type of food for a fortnight and seeing if it works. Also watch out for foods that contain a lot of fiber because “they can slow down the transit or increase the volume of gas”.

In addition, to remedy bloating, Doctor Jean-Jacques Raynaud recommends “moving” as much as possible. “The act of moving will mobilize the gases and drag them down, and thus allow you to expel them,” he explains.

Is farting and burping bad, doctor?

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Because of their circulation in the intestine, some gases that are swallowed while eating or that are formed during fermentation smell bad when they are expelled. But the doctor is reassuring: this is not proof that you are in poor health.

Another misconception: it’s dangerous to refrain from farting. “No”, reacts Jean-Jacques Raynaud. “On the other hand, it creates discomfort. When a gas wants to go out, it is better to let it go out,” he adds. However, if you have gas very recurrently, do not hesitate to see a doctor. “We do on average between 8 and 15 per day”, specifies the doctor. “And beyond 20, we have to worry.”

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