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who will be able to receive it?



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France 3

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The boost is welcome for the 5.8 million beneficiaries of the energy check, which is gradually arriving in letterboxes. It will pay part of the electricity, gas or fuel bills.
The energy check is a government boost for electricity, gas or heating oil bills. Soilhi Aboudou, night watchman, has been benefiting from it for three years. It is a precious help, eagerly awaited by this father of three children, whose heating bill is high. “125 euros per month is huge“, explains Soilhi Aboudou. Last year, his energy check amounted to 76 euros. He hopes for at least the same amount this year.”We take what we are given. We know that there are other families who are perhaps more in need than us“, he continues.

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But how do you benefit from the energy check? The amount is calculated according to the number of people in the household, and according to the resources. A total of 5.8 million people will receive this check in 2021, 300,000 more than last year.

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