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Who are Bilal Wahib and Oussama Ahammoud? | NOW

Actor and musician Bilal Wahib and actor Oussama Ahammoud are now in the news for inducing an underage boy to show his genitals in a live stream, but not everyone will know who the two in their twenties are. therefore briefly summarizes the careers of 22-year-old Wahib and 20-year-old Ahammoud.

Bilal Wahib in het kort

A Golden Calf, a number 1 hit and a role in a popular series: Wahib has already done well at a young age. The 22-year-old born Amsterdammer starts his career when he makes his debut as an actor in the short film Mimoun (2013). It is the start of a lot of roles in well-known titles.

Before he even grows up, Wahib plays in series like Bridge class, A’dam – E.V.A., New neighbours in Cops Maastricht. The actor recently played in the Videoland series Mocro Mafia, in which Ahammoud also plays. Wahib can also be seen regularly in films. In 2020 he even won a Golden Calf for his role Paradise Drifters. In the same year, he was awarded a Shooting Star Award at the Berlin Film Festival: a prize awarded to ten of the most promising European actors.

In 2020 Wahib shifts his focus to music and scores with Tigers his first number 1 hit. 501, made with Ronnie Flex, is listened to by eight million people on Spotify in a month. He presents the program for Zapp Teenage Boss, in which teenagers decide for one month what happens with their parents’ income.

Oussama Ahammoud in short

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Although the list of titles in which Ahammoud (20) has appeared is a lot shorter than that of his friend Wahib, this actor is also seen as promising.

Ahammoud starts his career in film in 2017 The whole story and two years later already won a Golden Calf nomination for his role as Mouse Mocro Mafia within.

The two actors not only know each other from the set, but will also participate in the VIP version of the television program in 2021. Hunted.

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