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Whistleblower racist police app group allegedly bullied by colleagues | NOW

A former Rotterdam agent who raised the alarm about racist statements in app groups would have been systematically bullied by other agents and eventually left. That writes NRC Friday based on information from several police officers. The agent of Moroccan descent would have been seen as a traitor by his former colleagues.

The local police officer worked at Marconiplein police station. He has now exchanged the police in Rotterdam for a position with the Central Netherlands police.

The whistleblower was part of a controversial app group in which citizens with a migrant background were called “cancer people”, “kutafrikanen” and “pauperallochtonen”. The so-called ‘Jan Smit app group’ of the agents was dissolved after the whistleblower’s reports in 2019.

However, the aggression against the clicking police officer only started with that. For example, he would have been systematically ignored. He was also told that there are colleagues who have difficulties with his presence. The Operational Commander would have informed the whistleblower that he “must eat separately in the canteen” and “may not come to the desk too much”.

Another local police officer who works at the same office informed Rotterdam police chief Fred Westerbeke of the harassment last December. They would have been done by “the same men who were part of the famous app group”.

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NRC previously wrote that those who made the racist statements in the app group received a written reprimand, the lightest disciplinary punishment. This is because, according to Westerbeke, they are “good agents” and have expressed regret.

Westerbeke says in a response in the newspaper that the e-mail was written by someone in December in emotion. “It does not do justice to what exactly happened,” said the police boss.

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