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Which municipality is your spiritual home? Answer the simple question – and we’ll tell you where you should move – Free

Where should you live if your heart were to decide? It will survive this test!

There are many kinds of connections associated with places. The people of Tampere are considered modest, Lahti is the Chicago of Finland and the people of Oulu are calm and confident.

The home community can also be a big part of the identity. Some would even identify their lovely hometown on the basis of mere smell. But what if that right place of residence has not yet been found?

Of course, the largest cities are known to all, but smaller keepers can be a mystery to many. Fortunately, many of them have more ingenious slogans than each other that reveal the deepest essence of the place!

The slogan of many localities could equally describe a person – or act as a kind of powerhouse.

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We therefore collected a sample of the slogans of 311 Finnish municipalities. Listen to the voice of your heart and let it guide you to your true soul landscape. Once you have chosen the phrase that best describes you, our generator will immediately tell you where you should live based on it.

If the test doesn’t work, you can do it too from here.

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The story has been published earlier on Me Naisten’s website 04/2019.

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