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Where to enjoy (and buy) the best cheeses

Cheeses are increasingly appreciated, but they are also still great unknown. Those who work in the sector say that it is experiencing a kind of revolution, as wines did a few years ago, in which tradition and technology have found a way to understand each other. In Spain we consume 8 kilos of cheese per year per person, compared to 18 in Europe. On World Cheese Day, we visit some of the cheese factories that have become embassies to introduce small artisan producers. Here is the route to uncork a white wine to accompany …


Richard Dhieras and Pauline Vallantin Dulac are brother-in-law, Bordeaux natives and lovers of good gastronomic products. Together they have just opened this cheese factory that brings a little piece of France to the capital. He had a cheese factory in the Gallic city and she has lived in Madrid for 16 years. “We have more or less about 100 references. 95% of the cheese is French, of raw milk and of shepherd”, they explain. They work with small producers in the neighboring country and “we are especially proud of our preparations, which are exclusive.” Among its jewels, the 100% artisan Roquefort, “there are only two artisan producers left in France and one of us is lucky to sell it.” Another treasure: the Gabarre, Borgogna goat cheese. Butter and raw cream are also brands of the house.

Address: Chamber Market (Alonso Cano, 10). Tel: 647 69 09 17.

Qava de Quesos is located in the Retiro neighborhood.

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This place in the Retiro neighborhood is one of the temples where the culture around cheese is tasted, learned and disseminated. Antonio Álvarez, passionate about cheese, and Jose Luis Martín, Master Cheesemaker Tuner, are behind this project that this year celebrates its third anniversary. They work exclusively with national seasonal references, with special attention to those of raw milk and limited productions. “People still know little about the cheeses that are made in Spain.” They have about 200 references and offer courses and workshops -now online-. “We buy the product at origin with some characteristics and in our cellars we take it to its maximum point of expression”, explains Antonio. From Tuesday 30 to Sunday 4 April they celebrate the Spanish artisan cheese week, in which 12 cheese companies collaborate, with tastings and tastings on their terrace from 11.00 to 13.00.

Address: Doctor Castelo 34. Tel .: 91 853 2 853.

Organic Manchego cheese
Ecological Manchego cheese from Hacienda Guijoso.


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This organic Manchego cheese, made by the Familia Conesa-Pago Guijoso winery, comes from pure-bred sheep from La Mancha that are fed a menu very rich in protein and fat made up of 14 organic foods grown on the farm itself. Another of its peculiarities is that during their healing they rest on boards of juniper wood, of magnificent quality both for its resistance – historically it was used to make warships – and for the unmistakable aroma and elegance it brings to cheeses. Under the Hacienda Guijoso brand, a pasteurized milk cheese is made (from 24 euros) and three cheeses from raw sheep’s milk with different cures (from 26 euros). All of them have the Manchego Cheese PDO and can be purchased on their website.


It was one of the first stores to bet on cheese in Madrid, specifically, they wanted to put a face on those who were behind the artisan cheeses of our country. In the confinement they began to make boards of the month with different cheeses and the initiative has worked wonderfully. Among the recent additions, the ondare cheese, made by Quesera Elkano. But their commitment goes beyond the commercial. A few days ago, they made an appeal through their social networks to help the Los Payuelos artisan cheese factory, located in Saelices del Payuelo. They make Pata de Mulo cheese, whose sales with the Covid were greatly affected because their marketing channels disappeared. From Cultivo, they propose to buy now (45 euros with shipping costs included) a piece that will be sent in September to support its survival. They need to sell 2,000 units. This is passion for cheese. Your website is a wonderful temptation.

Addresses: Conde Duque, 15 / Cavanilles, 6 / Clara del Rey, 20 / Carrera de San Francisco, 14. Tel .: 910 000 300.

Clara D
Clara Dez, at the Formaje store.


The project of Clara Dez and her husband Adrin Pellejo started in the middle of the pandemic and has managed to win over the public from their premises and also from their website, which from the beginning they turned into a communication channel with the cheese community. National cheeses prevail in its offer, but there is also room for the best references from outside. They prepare tables for two (from 34 euros), where there is no lack of Queixo do Pais, one of Clara’s favorites. In addition to a store, it is a showroom, a meeting place … It is highly recommended to try some of their butters. The space, which looks more like an art gallery, is the work of the Catalan studio Cobalto Estudio.

Address: Plaza de Chamber, 9.


Grana Padano is the world’s best-selling Protected Designation of Origin for cheeses. Its history begins in the Abada de Chiaravalle, near Milan. Its name pays tribute to its grainy texture and the region from which it comes -Padano refers to the Po Valley-. The young Grana Padano is very well received in our country, but few know about its Reserve, cured for more than 20 months in isolated environments. Both are made in copper kettles, with raw milk from the production area of ​​cows milked no more than twice a day and carefully fed.

For sale at El Corte Ingls, Carrefour, Mercadona, Da or Alcampo, among other establishments.

Grana Padana, the name it
Grana Padana, the most consumed Denomination of Origin in the world.


This market stall in Chamartn is a feast for the eyes, the smell and the taste. They offer more than 130 references, plus those of each season. They have them made with raw milk, with pasteurized milk, cow, sheep, goat, handcrafted and national and international references. They also have breads to go with it, as well as alios and jams. Their custom tables are always a success, largely because their team advises wonderfully to make the right choice.

Address: Chamartn Market (Bolivia, 9. Esq. Potos). Post N40. Tel .: 91 344 00 31.


You cannot talk about cheese without mentioning Poncelet, a modern space that maintains the philosophy of small businesses. In 2004 it was born with the idea of ​​being a wide showcase for all the work that small producers did. Going to their stores is a journey for the senses, but if you prefer online shopping on their website they make it quite easy. They are selected by country, by animal, by intensity and by maturation and each cheese has a very detailed file. In addition, you can buy from a fondue, a raclette, knives and boards for cheese … Without a doubt, a whole temple to enjoy this product to the fullest.

Address: Argensola, 27. Tel.: 913 08 02 21.

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