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when wild boars take over urban areas


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S. Brunn, A. Husser, M. Gualandi, S. Malin

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Several mayors warn about the presence of wild boars, more and more numerous, who no longer hesitate to venture into the cities. Local residents are calling for new measures.
In the forest of Montmorency (Val-d’Oise), located about twenty kilometers from Paris, groups of hunters track wild boars. Hope is considered to be harmful in Île-de-France. Barely started, the hunt reveals the first traces of the animal. “This is typically an area that wild boars have turned over. They are very numerous in the forest.”, explains Michel Beal, director of the ONF territorial agency, which works in the most urban part of the Montmorency forest.

In thirty years, the population of this game has increased tenfold. They are more and more numerous and hesitate less and less to go out near homes. In urban areas, where hunting is prohibited, town halls can call on wolf-keepers, an institution created by Charlemagne, to eliminate wolves. These volunteer hunters, appointed by the prefect, act at night and are authorized to intervene. “They come almost every night”, says Francis Maillard, president of the lieutenants of the Val-d’Oise louveterie. “We also came to build in the forest somewhere, (…) it was the domain of wild animals”. An argument shared by some environmentalists, opposed to hunting.

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