Wednesday, March 31, 2021
Home Breaking News "When we welcome students without teachers, it's no longer school, it's daycare!"
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“When we welcome students without teachers, it’s no longer school, it’s daycare!”

“We ask for additional measures”, declared Thursday March 25 on franceinfo Caroline Marchand, departmental co-secretary of SNUipp-FSU 93 and primary school teacher in Seine-Saint-Denis, while her union announced that it would soon file a strike notice, while the Covid-19 epidemic is currently flaring in schools. “We ask that all staff working inside schools be vaccinated as a priority”, added the teacher, who speaks of a “general state of fatigue among teachers.”

franceinfo: You are going to file a strike notice. Why ?

Caroline Marchand. We are asking for additional measures. The strike is really the last limit. So far, the answers are not at all appropriate. There are schools where there are no more teachers, where the school is not closed and where the pupils are taken in by substitutes who do not know the children. We are asking for a vaccination. We ask that all staff working in these schools be vaccinated as a priority. For the moment, we are talking about mid-April, but it is completely unconscious on the part of the minister not to protect these personnel. So, indeed, the strike will perhaps be the last resort to finally make heard all that one asks for months.

What do you think would be the most urgent measure?

It would take really difficult decisions. We are not in favor of closing all schools anyhow, but at some point, you have to know how to take responsibility and close. When we welcome students without teachers, but it’s no longer school, it’s daycare. Yes, we leave these schools open, but at what cost? For us, there is no longer any teaching in some schools. Nothing was anticipated by the minister. This has been going on for a year after all. There were two months of vacation. Nothing is anticipated and it is true that there is a real degradation. We really feel that with the English variant, the virus is spreading everywhere, and in a very important way among families, students and teachers. We must stop the chains of contamination. Children infect families, teachers who return home infect their families. At some point, you have to know how to say stop. And in certain situations, closing schools would stop the chains of contamination.

I imagine that there is a state of fatigue in the teaching staff …

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There is a general state of fatigue because there is fear, fear of the virus. Everyone is concerned by this and we are told to go to the front. It is quite amazing that the staff who support the school are not given priority in accessing vaccination. At some point, when you have to make decisions, you have to take responsibility and stop the chains of contamination. It can also sometimes mean the closure of certain schools.

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