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when the polluted rubble from the site is sold to farmers in Ile-de-France

The work of the century, an operation costing 42 billion euros, a challenge for our governments… you have surely heard of the Grand Paris Express. Two hundred kilometers of metro lines, 68 stations to be built by 2030, but also records of excavation, sometimes very polluted, to be stored in specialized sites. And not a gram of waste would land in the wrong place: it was the commitment of the Société du Grand Paris, which is piloting the project. A promotional video boasts full traceability of the excavated material… but how can we be sure, given the number of companies and subcontractors mobilized, on the Grand Paris Express but also on real estate projects around future stations?

In Ile-de-France, agents of OCLAESP, the central office for the fight against attacks on the environment and public health, receive worrying reports. In this excerpt from “Further investigation”, one of them mentions “canvassers who have a flair, able to bring real contracts, with guarantees of reprocessing … which do not exist”. In reality, denounces the gendarme, “we are going to deposit this in forests in Ile-de-France or in the neighboring departments, or even further away”.

Farmers canvassed to take backfill land … uncultivable

For these villainous societies, farmers have become prey. “We have farmers who are canvassed to take back land, alert David Vallée, head of the FDSEA, the main agricultural union in Yvelines. They come in saying: ‘We are going to improve the qualities of your soils, agronomically, it will be great …’ so they embellish the thing well for you … They dig, they bring back fill, but then, fill, must see: it’s clay, big pebbles, huge blocks… It’s everything, except cultivable land! “

Uncultivable land, and sometimes polluted with fluorine. This is what happened to an operator in Yvelines, one of the first victims of this scam system. Unusable, this land can even cost him dear … The Regional Directorate for the Environment, Planning and Housing (DREAL), a department of the prefecture, may very well impose a clean-up of his fields. A real double penalty. “If I repair, he confided, devastated, to David Vallée, it’s simple, I sell my farm ‘… “

Extract from “Waste: the French dirty business”, a document published in “Complément d’instruction” on March 25, 2021.

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