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when the country fell into a multiparty system

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                March 26, 1991 - March 26, 2021. It has been thirty years since a popular uprising swept through the regime of General Moussa Traoré.  Three decades later, in Bamako, opinions are rather divided on the results of this change which has led to a multiparty system.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Bamako</em>, <strong>Serge Daniel</strong>

Like Djiguiba Kéita of the National Renaissance Party (Parena), there are many here to say: March 26, 1991 helped turn the page on the years of lead in Mali. ” Of course, the Malian people were right on March 26 to bring down the regime of the executioner of Bamako and to begin the recovery of a country in decrepitude. If we had to do it again, we wouldn’t hesitate. »

The multiparty system has been established: more than 200 political parties today. Freedom of expression, for example, to date, there are more than 400 local radio stations in France. But on the local political scene, others believe that the revolution has failed.

« The people have been rolled in flour »

This is the case of Issa Kao Djim, one of the vice-president of the National Transitional Council (CNT): “ The people were simply rolled in the flour. The people are disappointed with this so-called revolution, because in reality, it was a rupture of the Second Republic to go to the Third Republic. »

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Gaoussou Daou is the same age as the Malian revolution, 30 years old. He is a member of the Malian association for citizen watch and is bitter: “ We have seen three coups d’état and it has brought nothing. Youth is suffering. We study and after graduation, we don’t have a job. If that doesn’t change, I believe there will be another revolution. »

In Mali, the debate on the Malian revolution of March 1991 will be this Friday at the center of several meetings.


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