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when the Breton terroir meets Japanese cuisine


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The starred chef Julien Lemarié combines Brittany and Japan on the plates. It offers unique fusion cuisine, with products from the Breton region.

Exceptional Wagyu beef, soy sauce or shitake mushrooms, Japanese products? Not necessarily. The proof, those cooked by Julien Lemarié are predominantly Breton. Back from Singapore, the starred chef decided to take Japanese cuisine on a journey to France. In order not to import products from Asia, he joined forces with local producers. “The question arose when we left Singapore, explains the latter. Am I continuing on this format, or are we coming to create something in France, using more local products?

An ox breeder in Brittany and married to a Japanese woman, Sébastien Chérel breeds Wagyu cows, renowned for their marbled meat. “The idea was to have a link with the country, to develop this breed, and offer it to the French market.. “Julien Lemarié’s dishes, coming from the end of the world, are therefore paired with local products, for a cuisine halfway between Japan and Brittany.

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