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What you do not know about the crimes of witchcraft and sorcery! Localities – Accidents and Cases – Courts

The works of magic and sorcery are among the oldest practices known to mankind throughout the ages, and it may be logical that magicians have complete control and influence over man in ancient times, in light of his ignorance and inability to comprehend strange phenomena, which he did not find an explanation for at the time, or his suffering from diseases that were intractable Yesterday, before he discovered her treatment later.

But it is illogical for a person, today, with all the knowledge, knowledge and technology available to him, to fall victim to the charlatans, wasting his money on them, seeking to change his destiny, or improve his conditions, such as: bringing a livelihood, husband or child, and this prompts us to take up a completely different angle related to Responsibly to victims of witchcraft and sorcery crimes.

It should be noted that the laws in many countries of the world did not address, in detail, works of magic and sorcery, and are satisfied that they are a fraudulent method, but the Emirati legislator criminalized all acts of witchcraft and sorcery in detailed and clear texts, in order to achieve general deterrence as stipulated in Decree-Law No. (7 ) Of 2016, to amend some provisions of the Penal Code No. (3) of 1987.

Article 316/1 bis of the aforementioned law stipulates that anyone who commits an act of witchcraft or sorcery, whether it is true or deceit, with or without compensation, shall be punished with imprisonment and a fine of not less than 50 thousand dirhams, as the aforementioned article defines acts Magic as a saying or action contrary to Islamic law, if it is intended to affect the body, heart, mind, or will of others, directly or indirectly … a fact or imagination.

The acts of sorcery were also defined as camouflaging the eyes of people or controlling their senses or their hearts by any means, to induce them to see something contrary to the truth, with the intention of exploiting them or influencing their beliefs or minds or claiming knowledge of the unseen or knowing secrets or telling what is in the conscience by any means with the intention Exploitation of people, and the court shall rule to deport the foreign convict from the state, and in all cases the court shall rule to confiscate the seized tools.

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Article (316/2) bis of the same law, and this is the most important angle, stipulates “to punish anyone who uses a magician, brings, imports, enters into the country, possesses, gains, or disposes in any kind of disposition in books or talismans. Or materials or tools dedicated to witchcraft and sorcery, or promoted by any means for any act of magic and sorcery, with imprisonment and a fine, or one of these two penalties ». The bottom line: You have to think carefully before using any of these charlatans, because you will not only be a victim of him, but you will also be punished by the rule of law!

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