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What sex fantasy shouldn’t have been realized? Finns say: “I asked them to stop and the stranger to leave” – People & Relationships

Sex in a public place can be a fascinating fantasy until the passer-by gets caught in his pants at the ankles.

“It’s not my thing. The realization of fantasy was a dilute version of the fantasy itself, not a more special experience than the normative ”, says the reader Me For Women.

We Women used to find out the fantasies of Finns in a big sex survey. Slightly more than half of the respondents said that they have been able to realize their sex fantasy. A quarter would like to, but have not yet had the opportunity.

The rest replied that they would not even want to realize their fantasies. In the minds of the mind more pleasant!

Realizing fantasy is a fascinating idea, but is it worth it? We asked readers if any fantasy executed turned out to be totally disappointing. And yes it was – these experiments could have been skipped.

1. Sex in a public place

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“Having sex in a public place was not as wonderful as I had dreamed the first time. I couldn’t enjoy being afraid of getting caught. ”

“We were passionate about having sex in a nice hidden beach place that was already quite deserted in the evening. It didn’t take many minutes for some older lady Talsi on her evening run to pass and we got stuck literally in her pants at her ankles. Never again.”

2. Tying games

“Tying works, but it works even better at the level of thought.”

“For a fantasy to live up to expectations, it’s worth talking thoroughly in advance and setting boundaries precisely. For example, a binding fantasy may go over if the binder is not exactly aware of where the other’s boundaries are going. ”

3. Kimpassa

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“The bunch of three was a complete disappointment. The man didn’t stand, and I probably would have had more fun with the two women. But it wasn’t natural for him to take things very far with him either, because he was a guy. It works best as a single and with strangers. ”

“I’ve been in a threesome, which was involved with another woman and a man. This is where all the lesbian fantasies crumbled, not my thing. ”

“The bouquet of three with another woman was disappointing. No one wants to be a bystander in their own bed. Another woman tried to keep me with her, but the man completely ignored me and ignored me. ”

4. Watching as a third wheel

A reader of Me Women has previously reported a situation in which she followed from the side while her husband had sex with a stranger. The experiment was a bitter disappointment.

“We were on a ship and we found a man who was interested in having sex with my wife. I enjoyed watching at first, but at some point the situation started to feel miserable. I was shocked that the stranger did not use contraception at all.

Eventually, I asked them to stop and the stranger to leave. The man dressed quickly and grinned as he left. ”

The story was previously published on Me Naisten’s website in May 2019.

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