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what Mishina and Gallyamov said after a sensational triumph at the World Figure Skating Championships – RT in Russian

The victory at the World Figure Skating Championships came as a surprise, said Anastasia Mishina, who won gold with Alexander Gallyamov in the sports pair competition. According to her, for a long time they could not believe in the reality of what was happening. Alexandra Boykova and Dmitry Kozlovsky, who took third place, noted that they had done everything that depended on them. And the coach of both duets Tamara Moskvina admitted that she was pleased with the wards who managed to climb the podium, despite all the difficulties of the current season.

Anastasia Mishina – Alexander Gallyamov brought the Russian team the first medals at the 2021 World Figure Skating Championships in Stockholm. They became winners in the competition of sports couples.

Before the awards ceremony, at which an excerpt from the First Concert of Pyotr Tchaikovsky was played for the first time, replacing the anthem of Russia, the partner admitted that the couple did not immediately believe in the reality of what was happening. Recall that after the short program, they took third place and lagged behind the leading compatriots Alexandra Boykova and Dmitry Kozlovsky by 4.37 points.

“The victory came as a surprise to us, we still don’t understand what happened. We would like to thank our fans. We know that many people watched the broadcast on their screens, and we feel their support. After each completed element, they became less and less nervous, towards the end they felt joy that everything worked out. How are we going to celebrate? Let’s go to sleep, ”said Mishina.

Gallyamov confirmed the words of the partner. According to him, even standing on the podium, they did not realize that they had become the winners – the events developed that evening so rapidly.

“Everything was happening so quickly that they didn’t even have time to realize. Only after a while did they begin to understand what was what. It is very nice. A good job has been done, our work has justified itself, ”the athlete added.

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For Tamara Moskvina’s wards, under whose leadership the duo began to train only on the eve of the 2020/21 season, these gold medals are also valuable because the current world championship is their debut. Prior to that, their biggest success at the senior level was their victory in the 2021 Russian Cup final.

Despite this, the Russians noted that they did not feel anxiety before the free program. Self-confidence was given by the success in the short, which they also performed without serious mistakes.

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“After a short run, we did not feel pressure, as we performed it cleanly and were happy about it. We were just preparing for the free program, we weren’t nervous, ”Mishina explained.

In the near future Mishina and Gallyamov will decide on their further plans for the end of the season.

“First we want to sleep. And then we’ll talk to our coaches about our plans for the next month. Only then will we find out, ”Anastasia concluded.

The second place went to the Chinese duet Sui Wenjing and Han Cong. Bronze went to Boykova and Kozlovsky. Given the victory in the short program, the couple experienced different emotions than their compatriots. During the announcement of the ratings, the partner turned to Moskvina, who trains them, with the words “Congratulations, you have world champions.”

After the emotions subsided, the athletes admitted that the final result is logical.

“We were not surprised by the scores, as we did everything that depended on us. Didn’t experience much surprise or joy. We are just happy, since this is our first medal at the World Championship, which is good, ”Boykova shared her emotions.

They were not allowed to maintain the highest position by the mistakes of the partner on the landing in the free program. One would assume that the skaters were unable to cope with their nerves. However, Alexandra noted that the couple did not feel the additional burden of responsibility.

“We didn’t feel the pressure after the short program, we weren’t particularly motivated. We just wanted to concentrate on our work. But it turned out how it happened. Places are not the most important thing for us, ”Boikova emphasized.

Like Mishina and Gallyamov, the newly minted bronze medalists intend to take a break to rest, and then they will discuss plans for this and next season.

Commenting on the double success of the wards, Moskvina said that she did not set specific goals for them to win medals. According to her, as a rule, she only gives instructions and points out important details. In addition, the specialist shared her opinion that the Russian anthem was absent at the awards ceremony.

“We knew who the winners were, in whose honor this music was played, in which country they trained, which state helped them in this training, which country they live in. There was no regret, doubt, or tears. We, whatever the difficulties, will walk this path with dignity. I am glad that in such a difficult situation, when the preparation was so nervous – with illnesses, with forced refusals from competitions due to health conditions, with such unusual conditions for the World Championship, Tamara Moskvina’s figure skating school has two medals, ”Moskvina quotes TASS.

Due to the fact that two couples at once climbed to the podium of the world championship, the Russian national team will have the maximum quota in the competition of sports couples at the upcoming Winter Olympic Games, which will be held in 2022 in Beijing.

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