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What is a good vinegar and how do you make one yourself?

DECRYPTIONRecognizing a good vinegar is like wine, it can be learned! It is important to know all the kinds of vinegars (balsamic, cider or red), their dresses but also their manufacturing methods. So many elements that will make it possible to recognize a good product. To help you, Laurent Mariotte and his columnists have looked into the issue and give you their tips for choosing your vinegar and more particularly balsamic vinegar in the show. The table of the good living.

Beware of “tampered with” vinegar

Among the vinegars that are popular, we find balsamic vinegar at the top. But beware, the latter can reserve its share of surprises, especially in supermarkets. “The real balsamic vinegar, as it must be made in the rules of the art as in the region of Modena, in Italy, where it originates, is not a vulgar wine vinegar, but a vinegar of grape must which will ferment, which will work for years, ”explains Olivier Poels.

Some balsamic vinegars are over 150 years old. “There will also be an evaporation as well as a natural concentration of flavors unlike industrial balsamic vinegar in which we find… caramel.” Yes, you read correctly.

And don’t be fooled by a protected geographical indication label on the bottle of balsamic vinegar (from Modena or not) because it only requires 60 days aging and it also allows that famous caramel coloring. You just need a minimum of 20% grape must, the rest being wine vinegar and above all, it does not regulate the origin of the grapes. So pay close attention to where each ingredient in your vinegar comes from.

Olivier Poels’ homemade vinegar recipe

If you are bored in this long weekend of confinement, you can try making your own vinegar. You will be sure of where it comes from and what’s in it. “To begin with, you have to invest in a vinegar maker”, begins Olivier Poels. “Then, you have to start by realizing the mother. The one who will then allow the transformation of alcohol. Either we give you a piece because there are people who have it, or you can constitute it yourself. It takes a few weeks, or even a few months. It depends on the storage conditions. For that, you put in your vinegar bowl half of wine, half of vinegar. “

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But be careful, you have to buy a good vinegar, preferably organic, to make your product a success, as well as a quality wine (and with as little sulfur as possible for easier processing). You let it sit for a minimum of a month, then you taste it regularly. “To know when the preparation has matured, you have to have this acetic bite at the time of tasting.” Finally, you wet with a liter of good wine. Let stand another month and your vinegar is ready.

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