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What has been the best ‘robbery advisor’ of 2020 for a risky investor?

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 – 1:11 PM

Automated managers are here to stay and are becoming more and more prominent, as they offer clients who want to launch into the investment world the most convenient options for their profile.

The ‘robo advisor’ or automated managers have already seduced thousands of consumers in Spain.

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The impact of the health crisis on the markets in 2020, the subsequent recovery and the news about the rally that some stocks experienced last year have increased the interest of retailers for investment. During the first half of last year, the Degiro broker registered 217,548 new clients, an increase of 265% compared to the first half of 2019.

But how do you start investing? Making your way into the stock market is easier than ever today thanks to digital brokers that allow you to operate with very tight commissions.

Technology has also lit up another digital service that has been gaining prominence in recent years and that allows launching into the investment world with a contained initial contribution: robo advisors to invest in fund portfolios. These investment managers, who have already seduced thousands of consumers in Spain, offer clients the possibility of invest in highly competitively priced index fund portfolios, explain the experts of the financial products comparer

Its operation is simple: the client fills in a test and the robo advisor proposes a portfolio made up of different funds that are adapted to their objectives and their tolerance for risk. Instead of having to search for all the assets that make up the portfolio one by one, a difficult task especially for investors who are not experts, the robo advisor allows you to diversify your money in a basket of products adapted to your profile.

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These automated managers offer portfolios for conservative clients, in which fixed income has a greater weight, and for those who prefer to take a greater risk in search of a higher potential profitability. In the case of the riskiest portfolios, in which equities have a weight of at least 75% of the total, the main robo advisors operating in Spain had a positive result in 2020.

The best equity portfolios

The Orange portfolio of the robo advisor Finanbest, with 80% equity, scored a net profitability last year of 7.2% and the Red portfolio, with a total exposure to equities, registered 5.1%.

InbestMe closed the year with returns of 5.5% and 5.10% in its two portfolios with less fixed income (exposure less than 21%), portfolios number nine and ten.

The riskiest portfolios of Indexa Capital, profiles number nine and number ten, in which the weight of fixed income is less than 25%, had a 5.6% and 5.5% profitability respectively for an investment of less than 10,000 euros (4.6% and 4.5% respectively for investments of 10,000 and 100,000 euros). The main robbery advisor in Spain already has more than 35 thousand clients in our country.

For its part, Finizens’ most daring portfolio, with less than 20% fixed income, also ended the year positive, with a return of 2.70%.

The riskiest proposal of Openbank’s We Invest for You service scored a gross return of 3.10% in 2020, from which commissions would have to be subtracted (around 1% for investments of less than 25,000 euros).

Special mention deserves the Metal wallet by MyInvestor, which invests exclusively in equities. Intended for investors with “very high risk tolerance”, as described by the company itself, it has had a profitability until January 31 of this year of 12.68%. However, the figures are not comparable with those of the rest of the robo advisors, since the portfolio was launched in October of last year and did not suffer the impact that the pandemic had during the first months of 2020 on the markets.

In any case, as the experts of the comparator recall, past returns do not guarantee future returns, but they are an interesting piece of information to take into account when comparing the different robo advisors, since they allow us to analyze how they have been behaved their portfolios during the same period of time.

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