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what consequences in France?



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Traffic has resumed in the Suez Canal in Egypt, a very important line blocked for nearly a week by a container ship remained across the track. Unblocking the situation is good news for consumers, as France relies heavily on maritime trade.

The blockage of a freighter in the Suez Canal in Egypt had consequences for France. The country is indeed largely dependent on maritime trade, which accounts for 72% of imports, although intra-European trade, by road and rail, also represents a significant percentage. Normally, nearly 350,000 containers from the Middle East and Asia cross this seaway every week. “In the port of Marseille (Bouches-du-Rhône), nearly 67% of unloaded containers come from China, so they necessarily go through the Suez Canal”, Explains the journalist David Boéri on the set of 19/20 of France 3, Monday March 29.

The blockage of 400 boats on the Suez Canal resulted in a definite delay in deliveries. The most affected sectors, in terms of imports, are clothing and electronics. “We find all textiles from Asia and electronic equipment, from components to computers.”, Adds the journalist. On the export side, it is the agro-food and luxury sectors that have been affected.

Key figures for maritime transport in France:

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Other data are also available at the ISEMAR institute:

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