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What a thriller! Buffalo Sabers meant to win a hockey game – the losing streak is already the longest in NHL history – NHL

Buffalo made it to the third in a three-goal run, but the jacket hit the tube 18 times.

When the third installment began, there was a cautious optimism in the air in Buffalo. Would a 3-0 lead finally be enough to win?

Was not enough. The buffalo gallop coagulated again.

Philadelphia Flyers scored one goal after another. Sean Couturier leveled to 3 to 3 minutes and a half before the end with the away team playing without a goalkeeper.

On overtime Ivan Provorov ran the Flyers a 4-3 win.

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The Buffalo men had to leave the trough for the 18th time in a row, discouraged by the defeat.

The losing streak already bypasses the longest in the NHL’s more than a hundred-year history. Only the Pittsburgh Penguins ’spring 2004 players have experienced the same.

Buffalo and Philadelphia will meet next time Thursday morning. At that point, Buffalo has the opportunity to take the record to his own numbers.

The longest loss pipes

  1. 18 Pittsburgh Penguins 2003–04

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    18 Buffalo Sabres 2020–21

  3. 17 Washington Capitals 1974–75

  4. 17 San Jose Sharks 1992–93

  5. 15 Philadelphia Quakers 1930–31

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