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We tested Concealer – the winner makes the skin velvety soft and brightens the look – Style

The concealer fades dark under-eye circles and small blemishes on the skin. We tried a number of products in different price ranges.

Beautyblender Bounce Airbrush Liquid Whip Concealer, 29,90 € / 7,65 ml

Rating: 4+ / 5

Promise: Covers, moisturizes and brightens. The light but opaque texture hides dark under-eye circles and pimples and evens out skin tone. The concealer technology makes the product blend into the skin.

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Experience: A very generous concealer promises to cover dark under-eye circles and pimples, and it really does. The hyaluronic acid, peptides and light-reflecting pigments in the concealer make the under-eyes clear all day and leave no lumps on the skin. The downside comes from the large size brush on the concealer, which is so wide that the product is not easy to apply – especially due to the liquid content of the product. However, the end result is a nice matte finish. The product is really long lasting and can also be used to make shadows and highlights precisely because it covers well and leaves the skin matte.

Inika Full Coverage Concealer, 32,90 € / 3,5 g

Rating: 3+ / 5

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Promise: A moisturizing and creamy concealer that hides acne, red spots and dark under-eye circles. The skin becomes smooth and flawless looking. The concealer is enriched with sunflower oil, shea butter and sweet almond oil.

Experience: The completely vegan concealer is intended to cover dark under-eye circles and pimples, and the opacity is good, matte and long-lasting. The composition is also easy to apply with your fingers, but on the skin around the eyes, the cream feels too dry and gradually begins to pack into the lines. The scent from the cover of the Australian mineral makeup series isn’t the most pleasant, but Plussa comes in a beautiful and compact glass jar.

BeautyAct Mattifying Complexion Concealer, 17,90 € / 4 ml

Rating: 5- / 5

Promise: Gives a medium and velvety finish and spreads evenly all over the face. Sustainable end result. Contains hyaluronic acid, which prevents the coating from drying out and caking.

Experience: The test’s favorite concealer that makes the skin velvety soft and the result lasts a long time! The product brightens the look clearly and leaves a pleasant matte surface around the skin around the eyes. It does not dry out or clump, although at the same time it is very opaque. The brush is pleasant and the cream is very easy to apply. The plus is the beautiful design of the tube, but the downside comes from the small amount of concealer.

Jane Iredale Enlighten Plus Under-Eye Concealer SPF 30, 46,90 € / 5 ml

Rating: 2½ / 5

Promise: Sunscreen 30, a treatment covering agent for the eyes. Brightens and reduces swelling around the eyes. Effectively covers dark under-eye circles. Layered composition that does not cake. A steel applicator that cools and soothes.

Experience: The product is revealed to be an interesting surprise even with the opening of the cap, as the concealer is applied with a cooling and antibacterial applicator, which is intended to soothe swollen eyes. But even if I like the product, the applicator spoils the whole thing right from the start: the product doesn’t spread properly and feels dry and sticky. It remains lumpy on the skin and especially on the lines. Although it is said to reduce the signs of fatigue, it seems that the product is not suitable for dry under-eye eyes as the age would seem to come only more. However, the product is extremely matte and opaque – by far the most opaque of this test. A plus is that the cream protects the skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Cien Liquid Concealer Perfect Finish, 2,45 € / 5,5 ml

Rating: 3/5

Promise: The liquid concealer, which is especially suitable for covering the eyelids, is evenly applied to the skin, has a light composition and is quickly absorbed. The pigmented product masks the unevenness of the skin tone with a single sweep.

Experience: A very functional basic product in terms of price-quality ratio. Smoothes and covers the skin around the eyes well enough, spreads easily and evenly and leaves a slightly audible surface on the skin around the eyes. It does not bring a special light-reflecting glow to the skin, and thus is no masterpiece, but there is nothing wrong with the product.

L’Oréal Paris True Match Eye Cream in a Concealer, 13,90 € / 2 ml

Rating: 3½ / 5

Promise: Combines the care of the eye cream with the ability of the concealer to cover and lighten the skin around the eyes. The hybrid composition contains 0.5 percent hyaluronic acid, which provides intense moisture and is suitable for sensitive skin around the eyes.

Experience: By its very nature, the lightest concealer in the test promises brightness and radiance to the area around the eyes, and it does. The product does not leave lumps on the skin, but it is quickly absorbed and leaves a suitable audible and natural surface on the skin. On the other hand, for those who want a matte finish, this can be annoying. The product is a favorite for sensitive and dry skin around the eyes, as it is easy to brighten the eye quickly. The disadvantage is the poor opacity of the product and the need to add it several times during the day. The look does not stay clear all day. The product is not very rich because the cream is quite watery and may be applied frequently.

Lumene Blur Longwear Concealer, 12,90 € / 9 ml

Rating: 4½ / 5

Promise: The long-lasting and opaque, light-feeling composition spreads evenly, covers small imperfections in the skin and makes the skin evenly toned and flawless. The composition, which contains northern spring water and northern heather, creates a flawless but natural result for the skin that does not accumulate in fine lines or pores.

Experience: The concealer works great as it covers adequately and stays on the skin all day without lumps. The composition is light and liquid enough, and at the same time it also moisturizes the skin. Easy to apply. Leaves a clearly more audible result than many other test products, ie you do not have to – but do not have to get a full matt surface with this product. One of my favorites! When buying this product, it is good to note that the lightest shades of color are really light, as the shade chart is clearly lighter than in many foreign makeup series.

Photos: Manufacturers

Testing: Katri Utula, who has been looking for both moisturizing and covering makeup for her under the eyes for a long time. Story: Vivi Norokorpi.

We test cosmetics every Thursday. Previous test stories can be read here.

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