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“We have the feeling of being misunderstood,” laments a soldier

It is a scathing report that several historians submitted to Emmanuel Macron on Friday. According to this document, France’s policy in Rwanda between 1990 and 1994, led by a “ideologically blind” president and his entourage, was “bankrupt” and bears “overwhelming” responsibilities in the genocide of the Tutsi. Hailed as an “important step towards a common understanding of the role of France” by Kigali, the report “marks a considerable step forward” in understanding the French commitment in Rwanda, for his part estimated the French head of state.

But on Europe 1, Colonel Jacques Hogard, who commanded the Operation Turquoise group in the summer of 1994, the French army regrets that the French army today has to face daily insults.

“A permanent aggression”

“I returned home extremely proud of the mission I had fulfilled in Rwanda, but very frustrated because it had only lasted two months and the situation was not resolved and was in danger of starting again. is what happened “, he confides at the microphone of Europe 1.” I had the feeling to have done an extraordinary job humanly with my men. ”

Today, the colonel deplores the impact of these accusations on the soldiers present on the spot at the time. “We have the feeling of being misunderstood,” he regrets. “I get called genocidal on social media, like I can do something about the genocide. It’s unbearable. It’s a constant assault, and I live it every day of my life.”

“It is the liability for us French soldiers with this regime”, concludes Jacques Hogard, “quite simply because at one time, the French government was at war when it was in the rebellion”.

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