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We eat so many eggs at Easter (and they are increasingly sustainable) | NOW

On average, a Dutch household buys about 220 eggs per year. Research firm GfK sees the peak at Easter. A supermarket predicts that about 90 percent of the Dutch will put ‘something with egg’ on the table next Sunday.

Easter without eggs? Unthinkable for the majority of the Dutch. 90 percent eat at least one egg at Easter, according to a sample that supermarket chain Jumbo had among 1,045 Dutch people aged eighteen and older. We often eat more eggs than usual: about six in ten Dutch people say they eat more eggs than on another weekend. About half of them eat twice as many eggs as normal.

“We see that an average Dutch household buys a total of about 220 eggs in a year,” said Norman Buysse of GfK, the research agency that has access to receipts for 10,000 households. “This number is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year. It is therefore not the case that many more eggs are bought per household during Easter.”

Clearly a peak

That sounds strange, but it mainly has to do with timing. It is precisely at Easter that we apparently want to make sure that we have the eggs at home. “What is very striking is that many more households buy eggs during the Easter period,” adds Buysse. “Here we clearly see a peak. In an average week, about 33 percent of all households in the Netherlands buy eggs. In the period just before Easter, this is about 42 percent.” Conclusion: we do not buy more eggs per household at Easter, but significantly more households buy eggs especially when it is Easter.

Chocolate eggs are also included.

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More and more sustainable eggs end up in boiling water or a frying pan: the sale of organic eggs is increasing, partly because supermarkets have an eye for animal welfare. Wakker Dier recently announced that supermarket chains DekaMarkt, Dirk, Jan Linders, Poiesz and Vomar are switching to eggs with at least one Beter Leven star for their own private labels. Good news, says the animal welfare organization. The only one who ‘abandons’ chickens, according to Wakker Dier, is Boni. While Plus has been exclusively selling free-range and organic eggs since 2012. Delivery service Picnic only sells organic eggs.

Two eggs per person

Together we eat about 35 million eggs at Easter: about two eggs per person. Those eggs actually all come from the Netherlands. The chickens at Dutch chicken farmers each year lay ten billion eggs. A large part of this goes to Germany, says Hubert Andela, chairman of the trade association Anevei.

It is a busy time for the chicken farmers, as it is for the Anevei companies, companies that sort the eggs and package them in boxes. “In the run-up to Easter, about one to two weeks earlier, the sales numbers are about 20 to 30 percent higher,” he says. “The chicken farmers, but also our members, are extra pressure at this time to supply enough eggs to the supermarkets to meet the extra demand for eggs.”

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