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“We can inject a million doses per week,” says the Union of Community Pharmacists Unions

Following a decision by the European Medicines Agency, the Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine can now be stored at standard pharmaceutical freezer temperatures.
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“We pharmacists can inject a million doses per week”, declares on franceinfo Sunday March 28 Gilles Bonnefond, president of the Union of the unions of dispensing pharmacists. For him, the decision of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to modify the storage conditions of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is therefore “excellent news”.

Indeed, the vaccine most used in France will be able to be stored at standard pharmaceutical freezer temperatures between -25 and -15 ° C instead of the -80 ° C recommended until then, which will facilitate its conservation and distribution. . “With the cold wholesalers, the supply of pharmacies is a perfectly supervised chain”, details the healthcare professional.

This European decision could therefore give a boost to the vaccination campaign. Thanks to the proximity with their patient and the network of private nurses, pharmacists have “a potential to vaccinate ten times greater than what is done today”, estimates Gilles Bonnefond.

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The president of the Union of trade unions of dispensing pharmacists evacuates the questions about this measure from the European Medicines Agency. “These are new types of vaccines. Laboratories are testing as they go and looking at the conditions of use, storage … We can see that things are constantly changing, that’s normal”, he observes. “As long as we make the decision, that means it’s secure”, summarizes Gilles Bonnefond.

Pharmacists will therefore be able to inject messenger RNA vaccines but also continue to sell doses of AstraZeneca. Moreover, patients’ mistrust of the vaccine after cases of thrombosis seems to be disappearing. “We can answer them because we have scientific data. The same goes for doctors.” Better still, the demand is there. “There are about a hundred patients per pharmacy who are awaiting vaccination with AstraZeneca”, says the healthcare professional, who does not observe “no rejection of this vaccine.”

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