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Wart spoke about Iversen’s desire to give the gold medal of the Klebo marathon

The coach of the Russian national ski team Yuri Borodavko commented on the words of the Norwegian Emil Iversen that he is ready to give his gold medal for victory in the marathon at the World Championships in Oberstdorf to his compatriot Johannes Klebo.

“This is a sport, and Iversen is free to do with his medal as he sees fit. I do not want to justify this decision or accept it, since I am absolutely equal to this. If such a situation was with Bolshunov, then there is another conversation. Firstly, no one is going to present a medal to Alexander. Secondly, Bolshunov always came out and fought honestly, so he is not going to wait for any handouts, “- quotes Wartko” Sport-Express “.

On the road to the finish line in the fight with Klebo for victory in the marathon, Alexander Bolshunov broke his right stick after minor contact with the Norwegian, which eventually threw the Russian to third place.

After the protest of the Russian team, Klebo was disqualified, and Bolshunov was awarded a silver medal. In the end, the victory was won by another Norwegian athlete – Emil Iversen.

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Earlier, the coach of the Russian national team reacted to rumors about special conditions for Bolshunov.

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