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Wahib and Ahammoud no longer welcome on Instagram for life | NOW

Bilal Wahib and Oussama Ahammoud are no longer welcome on Instagram for life, the company told on Thursday. The two actors were discredited after an underage boy was pressured in an Instagram livestream to show his genitals.

Ahammoud broadcast the live stream of the incident on Tuesday evening. Wahib, who was a guest, challenged the underage boy to show his genitals in exchange for money.

“He’s a minor isn’t he”, Ahammoud warned, but Wahib did not respond. In the end, the boy did what Wahib asked of him.

The 22-year-old actor was subsequently arrested on suspicion of making or distributing child pornography. As far as is known, Ahammoud is only seen as a witness.

Instagram makes no distinction in responsibility: due to the incident, the accounts of both Wahib and Ahammoud have been suspended. The company also does not allow them to create a new profile. The two actors cannot object to this.

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Nathan Moszkowicz, the manager of both actors, has not been available to since the incident. Wahib spoke through his attorney on Wednesday RTL Boulevard said they were “very sorry” about his action.

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