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VSK can take historic Swedish Championship gold

In five years, VSK has been in the Swedish Championship final four times. Also won two.

Now the Västerås team can take home their third straight gold, a historic one. But first they have to get past Villa-Lidköping. VSK has lost three games this season. All against the final opponents.

Has scored 38 goals in the regular season

– It will be a tough match, and I hope it will be open. There are usually not that many goals, and we are two teams that like to score goals, says Selbekk.

What should you do to reverse the loss trend?

– It is clear that we need to perform to be part of the war if the wins for Villa will be at least as tagged as they have been in the league matches. So it is important that we offer a fight, she says.

Goalkeeper Selbekk has accounted for 38 goals in the regular season, and two in the semifinals against AIK. Selbekk believes that she was given the chance and space to step forward after key player Matilda Plan left the club.

“We have everything to gain”

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According to Selbekk, VSK will play another final due to the fact that they have the required routine, and that they have a framework that has now been involved for a few years.

– We show that we feel a sense of security in ourselves. We know what we can and sacrifice ourselves for each other. That is what has taken us to this final.

In 2017, VSK lost in the final, and that is something they do not want to experience again.

– We have everything to gain. It would be completely magical, then we will be historic in VSK. We go for gold, and we will always do that, says Charlotte Selbekk.

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VKS ladies’ super season: “A lot has happened in recent years” Photo: Bildbyrån

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