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Voronov explained the difference between Moscow and St. Petersburg pair skating school

Former Russian figure skater, and now coach Sergei Voronov Voronov spoke about the confrontation between the St. Petersburg and Moscow schools of pair skating.

“First, Moscow and St. Petersburg have been competing for centuries. The northern capital is a merchant, the curb is a border, Spartak is Zenit, the Bolshoi Theater is Mariinsky. I remember the choreographers who came from the Mariinsky Theater said that Maya Plisetskaya was putting her hands in the wrong way, that this was the wrong position. But, despite all these conversations, Plisetskaya was a world famous great ballerina. This I mean that everything is relative. You can’t please everyone.
If we talk about pair skating, let’s look at the personality of Maxim Trankov. He himself is from Perm, took place as a greenhouse in St. Petersburg, and he worked for the Velikovs, and for Oleg Vasiliev, and for some time he skated with Moskvina. And only then he ended up in Moscow, where he achieved his highest awards with another partner. Taken together, it seems to me, Max adds to Tarasova and Morozov some special St. Petersburg style, “Voronov told RT.

The coach also tried to describe these styles in two or three words.

“Well, let’s do it. Artur Sikharulidze. In life he always seemed to me to be a very intelligent person, and on the ice he was an absolute gentleman. Sergei Grinkov, who skated with Ekaterina Gordeeva, is a purely Moscow school. Perfect lines, perfect synchronicity. Everything is so flawless that even simple elements seem to be some kind of magic on ice. Recently I reviewed old videos and once again admired them, ”he added.

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